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Born and raised in Florida, Alli grew up living and breathing music. Her life goal at age 5 was to play guitar and, with the help of her guitarist dad and musical family, she was performing by age 6. At age 12 she began to communicate her thoughts, heart and story through songwriting. When she was 16, she was the lead singer of the band “Tall Tree” with two of her siblings. Together they traveled up and down the East Coast, performing concerts and opening for such artists as Josh Wilson and Leeland. 

Entering college, Alli developed a love for sharing music with others through teaching, and went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Choral Studies from the University of Florida. 

Following college, she continued performing her own music and had the privilege of opening for many artists as a solo artist, including Brandon Heath, Colton Dixon, Tim Timmons, and Josh Wilson. 

However, during this time, she felt she needed take a step back and figure out who she was as a person before trying to pursue music full-on. For over 3 years Alli served on staff as a youth and worship leader at her local church, married her (now) husband Jason, and was loving life. But something seemed to be missing…she couldn’t shake the feeling that God wasn’t done with her songwriting yet, and she realized there were still things He had put on her heart to say.

After much prayer and many conversations with her circle of people, Alli decided to begin writing again, and a burning desire to create music came rushing back. A year and a half later, she found herself in a recording studio recording what is now her recently released solo EP “Breaking In”. Throughout the EP she invites listeners into real, raw moments and conversations she’s personally had with God, along with declaring truths over circumstances. Throughout the 5 songs are themes of how God pursues His children right where they are, that He is unwavering and present in the struggle that is this life, and that He will always remain faithful.

Prior to releasing her full EP, she released her first single titled “Hold On” in June of 2019. When asked about the heart behind that song, Alli said, “I wanted to write a song that was real and representative of how my walk with Jesus looks, and I suspect where others may often find themselves as well. Sometimes life is really hard, and we experience difficult and dark things. But Jesus is in the trenches with us and is our living and active hope amidst those times. I wanted to write a song that calls us back to that hope, that we ‘hold on’ and trust that God is moving - because He promises He is. And when we find ourselves in places where it is difficult to truly believe that, He invites us to ask Him to help us believe amidst our unbelief. And He will.” Her lyrics provoke thought and her musicality draws you right into the journey. 

Alli’s desire and prayer is that her story, told through her music, would lead others to understand more deeply their freedom, worth, and identity in Christ.



Breaking In

by Alli Myers

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Ready, set…

After spending several months in the studio and releasing her first single “Hold On”, Alli’s new EP “Breaking In” has finally dropped! Here are 15 studio moments in 30 seconds that give a glimpse into her time in the studio.